Cognitive Analytics

Cognitive Analytics is a subset of AI technology that simulates the human thought process by drawing inferences and conclusions from information found in a broad variety of data sets. The results are typically added back into the knowledge base, creating a self learning feedback loop. Cognitive AI learns by discovering patterns and relationships between previously unassociated information sets. It often brings together disparate data sources such as text, documents, operational logs, audio transcripts and images based on common context, to assist with Decision-Making and Business Intelligence.

Cognitive technology applies human-like intelligence to tasks such as legal analysis, scientific research, behavior analytics and anomaly detection. It combines multiple techniques, including semantic analysis, inference query, classification algorithms and deep learning to acheive its goals. Most importantly, cognitive systems get smarter and more effective over time by learning from user interactions.

What Problem Does This Solve?
Data is the oil of 21st Century Economy.   Cognitive analysis tools provide a competitive advantage to businesses by automating tasks that require human judgement and perception. They offer real-time answers, add context from new information sources, and uncover hidden meaning in vast amounts of data, to enhance and amplify human knowledge.

Streamscape's cognitive AI platform includes real-time data integration capabilities that enable supervised learning by capturing user content from speech, documents, E-Mail, applications or social media and adding it into your machine learning models. This allows the system to learn at scale, interact with humans, and guide data-driven decisions in the following ways:
  • Search the dataspace to infer meaning, find similarity and context in data by using semantics
  • Identify human emotion, sentiment and graph social interactions, providing situational awareness
  • Learn from available data to discover actionable insights, hidden behind data patterns
  • Recommend in real-time – documents, images and information relevant to conversational or streaming data
  • Automate repetitive decision making tasks, applying them to large data volumes in real-time
Cognitive automation allows human-like decision making to be applied at scale by tapping into new kinds of data and leveraging the benefits of massive, low-cost distributed computing provided by the cloud. Now, any application can take advantage of augmented intelligence capabilities offered by Cognitive AI, without the need for intensive training or deep knowledge of data science and machine learning. Intelligence – now there's an app for that !

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