Incubator – Your Idea on Our Platform!

Building a custom infrastructure for your application or product is hard and offers no real benefit or competitive advantage. A recent study comparing 25+ startups revealed that despite differences in function and market segment, their architecture and technology requirements were nearly identical. Data Integration, Real-Time capabilities, API Authoring and Cognitive Automation were a common theme across all infrastructures regardless of industry or business model.

Remarkably, almost 90% of initial start-up funds are spent on developing platform infrastructure. An investment that most start-ups never recover. Cloud vendors are of little help, offering a menu of hundreds of services and components to implement your ideas. Choosing the wrong combination of tools can have serious impact on budgets, timelines and scalability. The StreamScape platform provides broad functionality needed to develop a Minimal Viable Product and scale it as needed. Why spend the time and money re-inventing infrastructure, when you can lease the functionality as you implement, pivot and grow.

About the Incubator Program
We know how hard it is to develop data and application infrastructure. We had to design some of our own. The incubator program provides an opportunity for start-ups and organizations with new initiatives to accelerate their time-to-value by partnering with StreamScape. Our technology is available at no cost for non-production environments. Our team of cloud and data experts will work with you to design and implement your idea or proof of concept. Discounted hosting rates for a fully managed environment are also available. Tell us about your idea and find out how we can work together to make it a reality. Contact and mention Incubator Inquiry in the subject line.
Our Projects
A sales enablement tool that augments Technical Sales teams, improves customer knowledge and communication.
A tool for Legal Teams that automates the process of Trademark research and discovery using Cognitive AI.
Build Interactive No-Code Applications
Powered by Cognitive AI
Develop with No Restrictions. Download a Full Version of the
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