No-Code Applications for AI + Big Data

No-code and low-code technologies make it easy for programmers and "citizen developers" to create feature-rich applications using workflow and graphical tools, instead of writing code. Althought more evolutionary then revolutionary, the goal of low-code and no-code movement is to accelerate cloud, web and mobile application delivery, simplifying the client task of building immersive and cost-effective visual interfaces.

At StreamScape we believe the next revolution is happening in data navigation and visualization applications. Driven by the need to work with multi-dimensional data and conceptualize things that are increasingly more abstract, our KnowlegeWorks™ platform combines simplicity of drag-and-drop with the power and flexibility of a data fabic to enabe customer-driven innovation. Unlike traditional full-stack application environments, low-code and no-code platforms leverage visual design, workflow automation and integrated AI capabilities making it easy for customers to build solutions that connect data and processes with people. This approach is increasingly being used by businesses to modernize legcy systems and deliver new, mission-critical applications.

The Revolution Will Be Visualized!
Today's visual analysis tools lack an intuitive way to explore information and discover useful data relationships. This shortcoming limits our ability to navigate large volumes of information, see useful patterns and make data-driven decisions. The need for building interactive, conceptual models of real-world things is driving new visualization requirements for making data more understandable to extract knowledge from large, complex datasets.

AI powered data exploration is the next phase of the Analytics Revolution !   Tools that make it easy to visualize and work with complex processes like Medical Records, Insurance Claims, Epidemiology Research or Incident Response deliver on the promise of cognitive automation. They augment human decisions with machine-guided data discovery and analysis. StreamScape's KnowledgeWorks™ tool suite lets users see and explore concepts, documents or processes, extending their function with cognitive AI.
Dashboard Are Dead
Dashboard technologies are no longer able to keep up with the pace of business. Two major limitations are contributing to decline of dashboard use. The first issue is rigid schema and static data often imposed by legacy visualization tools. Inability to explore information and take action rules out any real-time, data driven decisions. The second issue is data sprawl. Preparing data for visualization and analysis typically requires expertise of data scientists and architects, resulting in time-consuming data integration.

StreamScape's next generation decisionware lets you build a new breed of interactive web and mobile apps powered by machine assisted insights. Flexible schema and native data integration makes it easy for data scientists and citizen developers to visually explore, transform and ingest content into dataspaces and AI models, accelerating solution delivery and enabling in-the-moment decision making.
Low-code platforms
will account for 75% of app development by the end of 2021
- Forrester Research
Closing the Productivity Gap
Low-code and no-code tools accelerate delivery of products and solutions that are easy to configure and extend, often at a fraction of the cost of full stack applications. Organizations big and small can take advantage of StreamScape's cognitive AI models, component assembly and prebuilt integrations based on OpenAPI and JavaScript standards to automate and abstract application development. These disruptive technologies are a critical part of closing the worker skills gap caused by a rapidly changing technology landscape.
Improved Customer Experience
According to Gartner Group "customer experience is the new marketing battlefront". Yet, many organizations are held back by legacy systems, budgets, staffing, and training. Low and no-code technologies enable companies to develop customized solutions rapidly, and at scale to deliver a superior customer experience, empowering business users to innovate while reducing Total Cost of Ownership by up to 80%.
Data Science Simplified
KnowledgeWorks™ compliments and simplifies the tasks of Data Scientists and architects by automating the process of Work Set preparation and model building. The platform lets AI engineers easily ingest, shape and visualize data from machine learning models, knowledge graphs and enterprise systems. An interactive UI environment lets users stay engaged at every stage of model training and digital product development.

No-code platforms accelerate digital transformation, allowing traditionally slow-moving enterprises to operate with startup agility. For the first time, companies of all size can harness the power of cognitive AI and focus on making decisions instead of building and managing system infrastructure.
Next Generation Decisionware Apps
Build and automate your next startup — without writing code !   StreamScape decisionware lets you take AI applications from idea to launch quickly, using a real-time data fabric purpose-built for cognitive analytics. Powerful visualization components, built-in animation, interactive data grids and UI controls let you create an immersive user experience previously possible only with desktop applications.

Create mobile-friendly layouts with touch-sensitive and draggable dynamic content for a polished customer-facing product. Programmers and non-programmers alike can create enterprise-grade application software that empowers and assists non-experts with machine-guided decisions.
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