• Insight Platforms Connect Data To Action

    Insight Platforms Connect Data To Action

    As businesses struggle to keep up with the pace of innovation and growth in data volume and velocity, an emerging class of software — insight platforms — offers a powerful, cost-effective way to connect information and action. Download the Forrester Group report that identifies the role of StreamScape and other vendors in an insight-driven business.
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Big Data is often a technologist answer to business demand for deeper and faster insights. However, providing access to more data via a Data Lake, enabling self-service data prep or offering Machine Learning tools will not give your business what it really needs — ability to act on new information. To take timeley action on data insights knowledge workers don't simply need tools, they need tech platforms that help develop and continuously update insight applications.

In this report Forrester Group names StreamScape an Innovator in Data Insight technolgies that challenges traditional analytic norms with an innovative insight solution by combining Streaming Analytics, Data Virtualization and high performance in-memory computing.

Read the report to understand how an emerging class of software — insight platforms — can connect data and action, empowering decision makers with real-time insights. Help your data engineers, enterprise architecture teams and their peers identify leading vendors, fill critical gaps and break out the insight platforms into strategic or tactical roles.


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