• Real-Time Data Fabric™

    Real-Time Data Fabric™

    Big Data does not have to mean big software!

    Powerful next-generation tools for real-time data integration and analysis let you seamlessly blend traditional BI and stream analytics techniques to capture changes and turn Business Insights into intelligent Actions.
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Modern data systems are a complex mix of cloud storage, file systems and traditional databases.
Develop data-driven apps faster with StreamScape's data fabric. Spend more time on analysis, less building a data infrastructure. Ideal for small teams with Big Tasks.


Your data lives in files, databases, cloud and web apps. A constantly changing stream of information that can be queried and turned into actionable insight. Capture data change at the source to normalize and transform it into streams that can be filtered, analyzed and routed to devices, applications, Cloud storage or Data Lakes.


Make use of Reactive Programming on the back-end without the need for specialized languages or cumbersome frameworks. Triggers, Actors and Event Collections make it easy to build data pipelines and work with data streams using simple SQL-like syntax, shielding users from the complexities of distributed system development.


Extensible Data Modeling is a key feature that supports rich semantics and schema definition for representing real-world things. On-the-fly validation and data shaping rules support a variey of formats like XML and JSON, allowing you to easily describe and evolve your schema, keeping pace with changing business requirements.


If you can describe it, we can query it. Know SQL and Javascript? Then you already know how to use the data engine. Whatever the format, a powerful query language lets you instantly test logic expressions and functions, speeding up development and simplifying deployment for unmatched data agility.


Get things done faster with a choice of storage models. StreamScape Dataspaces™ let you store massive amounts of data as tables, documents, key-value maps, queues or columnar store. Natural data compression and multi-dimensional arrays make it ideal for Data Science and Probabalistic Analysis computations.


A robust data access layer links external systems, files, relational databases, No-SQL and Big Data storage; allowing them to be queried and joined to any other data. Virtual collections let you integrate data from any source and easily load it into memory for fast processing and aggregation.


Powerful management tools put you in control of the environment, making collaboration between Developers and Operations teams a seamless process.


Collect and store critical metrics to monitor system performance in real-time. Built-in instrumentation lets you set triggers and react to changes in key indicators like CPU load, memory usage, execution time and resource availability. KPI’s can be used in functions, retrieved via Web Services or displayd as interactive charts.


Enterprise grade security keeps enterprise data safe. Column-level authorization, User, Group and Organization security scope, protect critical data against unwanted access and API co-mingling. Privacy rules inter-operate with external security systems and Delegate Authentication systems.


Digital businesses depend on Operations teams to quickly react to failures. Operations Console and Monitoring tools let you visualize crucial system information allowing users to engage with peers globally to solve problems. Gain a better understanding of your business dynamics, reducing down time and accelerating root cause analysis.


Enable business agility by automating critical infrastructure operations and radically simplifying application deployment. Comprehensive Cloud-based tools let DevOps teams easily provision new nodes, perform impact analysis and roll out changes. Model data and test applications locally with the Application Workbench or deploy data engines using popular container frameworks.


Expose any schema, function, query or service as a RESTful, fully documented API. Powered by Swagger, the worlds most popular API framework, StreamScape lets you develop powerful interfaces to back-end systems and access them nativley from any mobile device, application or language.


Any logic exception or component error can generate Alerts, providing critical process status and audits. User-defined Alert Rules let you drive Operational Intelligence and notify users by E-Mail or IM. Rules can be applied or changed after deployment without any impact to running systems and alerts may be logged for offline inspection.


Access any database, file, Big Data or Cloud storage app in real-time to optimize data integration and distribution. Turn any data into a stream of actionable information that can be queried and analyzed. Ask meaningful questions of your data regardless of structure or format and share answers across applications and devices.


No need to re-invent the wheel. Use off-the-shelf service packs for easy access to Web, Cloud Applications, Files, SQL/NoSQL databases and external systems. Simplify data aquisition, preparation and ingestion. Event Triggers let users take immediate action on incoming or outgoing service data for complete flow control and process transparency.


Over 80% of all new data is unstructured and lives in files. StreamScape lets you cut through the clutter and noise by mapping and annotating unstructured content. Tag and query files of any type using SQL-like syntax for exploration and high-performance analysis of unstructured and semi-structured data.


Implement microservices like a pro. Built from the ground up to enable Microservice Architecture, we make it easy to develop modular and composable applications. Versioning, API customization and Dynamic Deployment provides complete life cycle control that lets you quickly test, monitor, manage and scale out composite applications across a variety of cloud and on-premise environments.


Use any language, Web Client, JDBC or OData compliant tool to connect to the platform. Access data from Mobile Devices, Web Applications, Excel Spreadsheets, Reporting or Visualization tools and even Microsoft Office products. Dynamic query routing lets client applications see the entire cluster as a single system.


Built on a foundation of Open Source and Open Standards the StreamScape platform lets you easily extend functionality and query engine capabilities. Extension points for Source Package import, User-Defined Aggregate Functions and many others simplify Data Engineering letting you seamlessly integrate any technology into the platform.


Turn anything into a data stream. Whether it''s change capture, streaming data (for IoT), file actions, database queries or web clicks, StreamScape lets you to animate the data, transforming it into meaningful events. Work with massive, high-velocity data of any format from a broad variety of data sources and devices.

.. get going in minutes not days.
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