StreamScape Turbo-charges Analytics with MongoDB at MongoWorld '16

New York, NY – June 23, 2016 – StreamScape to offer the next-generation of agile data prep and query capabilities to turbo-charge analytics with MongoDB. As enterprises shift focus from capturing and managing data to actively using it, providing high quality context-driven information remains a challenge. Solving this problem requires a new set of tools that specialize in agile data preparation from many disparate sources, allowing users to easily assemble made-to-order datasets for analysis. Lack of agility is driving the need for so called on-demand aggregation, which is all about how fast you can extract value from mountains of data and how quickly that information can be turned into action.

New features in StreamScape’s Reactive Data Platform™ allow users to take advantage of scalable data storage and schema-less nature of MongoDB while providing an SQL-based query engine, Data Definition and Transactional capabilities of a traditional database. For the first time, application developers will be able to easily blend SQL queries with NoSQL data without writing query programs or sacrificing functionality. MongoDB data can be exposed as tables or accessed as documents and JOINED to other Mongo Collections, files or SQL sources, allowing analysts to ask meaningful questions of the data without complex programming or the need to create additional data copies. This makes for more nimble data and eliminates the people and process bottleneck of traditional preparation solutions, such as ETL.

JOIN, UPDATE and DELETE operations on MongoDB can also be called from the query engine and abstracted as functions or views that may be accessed from visualization tools such as Business Objects, Tableau, Microsoft Excel or any SQL-based analysis system. Users can manage and version document schema, seamlessly work with documents stored in MongoDB, data streams, files or StreamScape’s Application Dataspaces for advanced in-memory analytics. Business logic may be scaled across StreamScape nodes in a secure, multi-tenant fashion and exposed to Web and Mobile applications thru a variety of interfaces including REST API, streaming clients like Web Sockets or Business Intelligence tools.

The Reactive Data Platform™ in a next-generation data integration solution built using a light, micro-container architecture that takes minutes to get going. Combining the query engine with the unique features of MongoDB dramatically improves productivity and allows analysts to access, blend, aggregate and report on data across a variety of sources on-demand, for unparalleled insight and operational analytics. The platform is intended for use by a broad spectrum of end-users including executives, data analysts and scientists, enabling powerful data visualization, reporting, exploration and predictive analytics, without the need for special skills. Come check us out at MongoWorld 2016!

About StreamScape
StreamScape is a technology for agile data preparation and real-time analysis that offers powerful query and schema-on-read capabilities, allowing users to aggregate any data on-demand without creating additional copies.

Chances are your business already has a growing amount of changing data that needs to be managed, tracked and analyzed; leading to better decision making, a competitive advantage or even new products and services.

StreamScape lets you do this by combining in-memory analytics, stream processing and data virtualization into a query engine that can access data scattered across applications, files, relational and NoSQL sources and turning it into high-value, actionable information.

About MongoDB
MongoDB is the company behind the MongoDB database, the worlds most popular NoSQL operational database. The company also runs MongoDB University and sponsors the community, hosting MongoDB World and MongoDB Days all over the globe; with offices across North America, Europe, and Asia.

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